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  • askdogcat askdogcat Nov 16, 2007 12:04 PM Flag

    US economy was running on debt for too


    long the world now hates dollar, they are running away and the speed is getting faster
    get out and invest in overseas markets, US economy will be in recession for next 3-4 years, these baffoons will devalue dollar to keep running this scam

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    • Ya obvisly are not in the US. Ya also are just pure dumb.

      If the US ecconomy tanks, the world tanks, but China might propt it up some. Look at the Great depression, the US tanked and the world tanked also, even if the German ecconomy might have helped on our recession.

      The US has states that are in the top ecconomies of the world. Ya kill number one, and ya kill all, at least that has been the case in history.

      For the nations that are not doing well, even with great amounts of natural recorses, they need to take care of their people. Maybe the US doesn't do well on that now, but we did in the past. On those that live in a country that would make you post what you did, change your government, not hope for the worst for the US.

    • You're right but the problem goes far beyond just debt. For the last 15 years, the "economic and stock market boom" has been fueled by corporations moving operations overseas, outsourcing, downsizing, and cost cutting. Most of these actions have benefitted only a few while destroying the middle class. Now, unable to make ends meet, the middle class or what is left of it is severely in debt and hanging on by a thread. There will be a pull back in consumer spending. Next year, Hillary will be elected and all these short sighted gains by wall street will evavporate. Face it. We don't make anyhting in the US anymore. The only industry that was really domestic was the housing boom (only becasue you can't import land or homes) and now that is busted. All we can produce now is DEBT!

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