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  • teddyjsat teddyjsat Dec 2, 2007 12:44 PM Flag

    Dividend cut is coming, asset sell

    They will annouce the dividend cut on the earing date in January 2008. They do not have any choice. CIBC and other Finance firms are correct. C can be easily down to $25.00

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    • There will be no dividend cut. Citi has sufficient cash flow for dividend payments. Citi's problem is capital and that has now been resolved by the foreign infusion even tho it is expensive. If Citi needed more they could have had it
      but chose only go for what was needed.

      I predict that most of the big banks have over-reacted to the housing mess, both in measuring the securities they hold and in assessing the off balance sheet liabilities. This is not the same as the S&L crisis when the Res. Trust
      Corp. was established to protect depositors. Actually, I think that the government would have saved money by just permitting the S&Ls to continue operating, subsidizing operating losses, and wait until the real estate values returned to normalcy which did happen within three to four years. Instead they let investors make millions by selling
      off S&L assets at below market prices.

      There will be more than ample demand for housing by many in our society so long as employment remains near full capacity. When prices retreat, as they will, buyers will return to the marketplace so long as there is ample and affordable credit.

      The government is already stepping up to the plate with a
      plan to save endangered mortgagors from falling into
      foreclosure by extending their present mortgage ratesinstead of having them reset.

      Be patient. I'm not a big Kramer fan but I agree with him
      now. Buy financials now and ride the short term gains at least.

      Buy Citi!

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    • Exactly where is your source of information? The deal with UAE makes no sense if a div. cut is decided. It was one or the other. You know C has some business other than home mortgages.

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      You shorts can keep restating the same negative news, but this short game is over. Every bad possible outcome has already been priced in. The game is over. The only question now is how many months/years will it take to rebound.

    • Not acxcording to analysts. Thye have said if they cut, c will drop A lot!!!I don't think thye have choice. I agree with CIBC.

    • If they cut it will only be to 3 to 4 percent div. yield.So keep your shares dont sell at a loss.

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