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    • Jews need to stop pissing people off and learn to live with their host cultures in a non-threatening way.

      Babylon, Egypt, Judea, Rome, Spain, Russia, Nazi Germany, Palestine, Poland, France, etc. They have lived everywhere and they get booted out of each place they live.

      Look at it this way, if a tenant continuously gets evicted from every neighborhood and place that they live, then you have to stop blaming the hoods and perhaps assign some blame to the tenant and their behavior.

      I've always thought that the Jews are too much into power, money and fame, which are base values, certainly not consistent with Christian or Islamic or Buddhist belief systems or many of the other belief systems. It is precisely this idolization of base values that forces them to behave in such manners that ultimately causes their ruin. Some would argue same is going on in the US right now. They are over exposing themselves and getting too greedy.

      So yeah you might think they are smarter (doubt it, they might be more clever and have better survival instincts) but they seem to have had one hell of a BUMPY ride along the way..

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