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    Cindy and Larry Chaffold, who live in the desert east of Los Angeles in Apple Valley, bought a house for $216,000 in 2005 that's now appraised at $190,000. Cindy was ready to hand the keys to the bank until she got her loan modified.

    Says Chaffold: "I have been screwed, chewed up, and spit out."
    What a colossal loss !! LMAO !!
    Keep on entertaining America !! The rest of the world is laughing at you !!

    Hand the keys to the bank because home price did not go up ?
    Oh my heavenly Father isn't that ridiculous !!
    If that was an average American, then you Americans are really pathetic !!

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    • BUSH brought us out of the second great depression

    • I am American, from Texas.... I must agree, investments including homes involve risk, 16K U.S. is nothing anyway......In five years this asset may well be up 50K....

      I must complement Europe on your mass transportation system.......I feel retarded by my fellow Americans... who seem to resist any alternative to the automobile, and most of them can hardly afford them, the take out a mortgage to purchase this appliance.......Actually we have fewer choices because of this collective ignorance.......My carrier involves heavy towing....My trucks consume massive amounts of best alternative for long personal trips is to rent a car, I come out ahead a couple of Hundred Dollars on rental and fuel, even without using my vehicle. I would love
      to be able to to take a train, to my vacation homes,skiing,,,etc.....

      America needs a large gauge modern rail network that can carry cars, trucks...We need to start, oil is going to $250.00 a barrel sooner than we think.... That lady you reffered to, and people like here will be whining why did we not do something sooner.....pooh

    • I bought a stock on margin not long ago whose price dropped. I'VE BEEN SCREWED. I DEMAND an Senate investigation. I DEMAND to renegotiate the price I paid for the stock. I'm ENTITLED to receive a positive return on my investment or I'll sue.

    • Some guy in MA who makes $16K has a mortgage for $500K on a house worth $350K. lol

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      • Oh pleassseeeee. Two illegal farm workers near Fresno, CA qualified for, and bought an $800k McMansion. Millions bought what they could never afford without insane liar loans. Can anyone feel sorry for them as they get foreclosed on?? Now Bush and Congress are handing out $600 checks or free I-Pods to fix this huge mess? The Senate wants to give unemployed people checks too. They deserve to have fun too! Sure, they can't pay their bills but will head to Wal-mart to buy more Chinese-made stuff. Cramer said that a new refi-mania will fix everything. No way, not this time. Millions cannot refi without paying the difference between the original loan, plus equity extracted, plus all depreciation. The debt-ridden fools would need to come up with tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars...far better to just walk away.

        Greenspan and the reckless Fed created this mess and there are years of pain ahead. Hillary, Obama, McCain, or Romney are all clueless...same old worthless ideas, and none of them will address America's debt-driven spending mania. Only Ron Paul does and he can't get elected.

        Shorts have felt a lot of pain lately as rate cut euphoria ran stocks higher. Very soon people will see that more debt cannot fix this mess and down we go. It is just another lie that China, India and Japan will save us...they crash right after we do. Patience bears, reality will set in.

    • USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!
      We don't care about your loser opinion.
      We are the country everyone loves to hate.
      But were still the country everbody runs to for protection.
      You do know history right?

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