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  • ironroad45 ironroad45 Jun 23, 2008 10:38 AM Flag

    Laboring working class NEEDS "WAGE INFLATION" Now!

    "...because...lobbyist..." good point

    The consumer have 'grassroot power', by asking for more money in the paycheck the comsumer is putting pressure on employers...unions ain't what they used to be...but the 'concerted' efforts of the consumer can be a far greater power than any lobbyist.

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    • the pay increase would be offset by Obama's tax increase

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      • "...Obama's tax increase."

        "IF" he's elected...the news this past week has been beating him up BAD on two fronts;

        The biggest but lightly mentioned is the black part of his 'halfbreed' race...

        More important is his "FLIP-FLOP" on funding of his election and his recent willingness to say what ever is needed to get elected.

        Tax increases and WAGE INFLATION is a good thing to keep in mind...last week the labor dept. said the avg. hrly. wage was $17.94 near $36,000/yr. That would have been what the rich were making durning the last housing bust of the 70's.

        The AMT has become a problem because it, like our current tax brackets, haven't been adjusted for INFLATION over the years.

        So any tax on the rich will become a tax on the laboring working class sometime in the future.

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