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  • reneew97 reneew97 Jun 27, 2008 12:16 AM Flag

    Im short and a little worried

    You shorts are getting sucked in to a big game and you don't even get it. This sell off is the same hype that drives the market up. I have not seen this many retail shorts ever in the market place. You guys are getting played no differently then the longs got played during the dot com boom. Sure things are bad but this is over done and it is going to be violent in the up direction once it gets going. Th Ibanks are going to offset all their RE losses with the gains they make trading after they all downgrade each other suck in shorts then upgrade each other and tap you all dry. I can't go on a single MB on Yahoo and not find a 10 short to 1 long ratio. All the talking heads are telling YOU to go short but if you could ask them if they were short I bet they would either not answer you or would tell you they were not short. This is a massive trap people just the fact that every short is so sure of themselves proves it.

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