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  • joecoffee55 joecoffee55 Jul 8, 2008 3:35 PM Flag

    Okayrice Made Me Post This

    Say no to McCain the dead brain to do nothing republicans in November. Vote for anyone but more republicans in Washington D.C...
    Management have run the big-3 just about out of business and republicans are finishing the job on middle class America. No unions in the "New World Order". Think before voting in Nov. do you want more of the past 4- years with republicans controlling Congress and the Presidency?
    Does America really want McCain as President? or more republicans who do nothing for Americans but lie and spend. NO! No! No! No new energy policy from Republican controlled Congress. Why? Why? Why?
    We now can thank Cheney and all the neocon Republicans in Washington D.C. for $4 bucks plus Gas. Wake-Up America!! China and Cuba will be side drilling in the Gulf of Mexico thanks to republican forgien policy for the next few years sucking out all our Oil while Cheney and all his butt licking Washington friends ride around in their Gas Guzzling Limos getting wine and dined by all the special interest who keep him in office with plenty of $Cash$ to fund his retirerment as well as all his Washington junk-its around the world while the US public goes broke. Trust this statement. McCain will be no different. He will tax, lie, and spend the middle class American until we are bankrupt. Also never trust anyone who wants to be president who did not serve in the military nor has problems standing in a crowd of just ordinary people. Think about this no spin just facts I have seen with my 2 good eyes. Also don't forget the 6 years of hell for America under Richard Nixon the 6 year nightmare for Americans. 13% Home Mortgages thanks to Reagan appointed Paul Vocker if you could get one. 12% plus inflation. Gas doubled in price. Americans held hostage for years in Iran until Ronald Reagan and the republican party made a behind the back deal, the beginning of the Iran Contra affair. Now those same guns that Reagan sold them are being used to kill our troops. Need more reasons not to put McCain the dead brain into the White House for 4 years. Management have made the Big-3 a joke and are in bed with Republican Party. Dick Cheney made energy policy behind closed doors with the likes of Enron and Halliburton. Well its coming up on four years of this energy policy and gas has went from mid $2 bucks to over $4 bucks and unemployment is rising monthly just like food prices. Just what have the republicans done for Americans? NOTHING!!!!!!!

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