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  • justabroker_2000 justabroker_2000 Oct 4, 2008 6:48 AM Flag

    My Simple Take On The C - WB Deal is

    The Feds step in and let the deal go thru, Why ??? Because it dosent cost taxpayers any $$$$
    and this is an election year.

    BUT, It will also make WFC kick back a BIG chunk of cash to C

    C had a deal with WB, And thats A fact.

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    • Yes Citigroup had a deal, but it was solid enough to halt WB of trading on Friday for 5 minutes ONLY. People read the contract and found loop holes all over it, so the sector resume trading WB around $6.23 even though it halted around $6.81. If Citigroup had a solid case, believe me the sector would NOT resume trading of Wachovia over $6, they would have brought it back to $3.8 or less which is the price they closed on Thursday. Coming this Monday, check the premarket value of C, you be lucky if it is over $10. I just love it

    • They did not finalize contract for 1, 2nd they extreemly undbid and did not bid on whole company...WB has over a trillion dollars worth of assets...which btw are not all bad.

      C management are complete idiots; all the wanted is WB deposits for free--knowing that the goverment would take the bad assets

      Maybe next time they will have their shit together; this was C's biggest blunder in decades

      They loss a huge opportunity; maybe that's why its an auction...highest bidder wins.

      C losses.

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