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  • alien_computerred alien_computerred Oct 16, 2008 10:47 PM Flag

    Reaons to buy Citi (C)

    Reaons to buy Citi (C)

    * Owns highly profitable banks in china (Pudong)

    * Most value/upside potential extremely oversold down 65% for the year, compared to others large banks down around 10-50%

    * 5% shares owned by big-oil saudi Prince Alaweed

    * $60 Billion coming in from Wells Fargo (guarenteed locked up case. Wells Fargo can pay 30 bils to settle or let it go to court and get ruined)

    * $25 Billion free from the Gov. Notice they were #1 on the list, nice!

    This _ERASES_ _ALL_ of the Citi losses and leaves 24 billion extra cash! Citi can be trading up around 50-70/share within months, unlimited upside potential here.

    There are people on this board bashing Citi...some will probably come on and try to spread some silly lies after they see this post, when really they should be figuring out where on earth they are going to get the money to cover when Citi is in the 30s v. soon.
    Anyone who shorted Citi is basically simultaneously clueless, hilariously confused and woefully under-informed :D

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