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  • indexplus2001 indexplus2001 Oct 22, 2008 1:13 AM Flag

    City stands on its feet, Goldman is on life support

    Citibank should make a hostile bid for GS. Goldman can't refuse or the Fed will pull back the backing for not taking a private sector offer.

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    • There's just one problem Citibank is the outfit with no money, they are BROKE!!!! That's why they're in the hiding in the bushes plotting a bank robbery

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      • And you think that it would be good for Citi to go bankrupt. Are you nuts??? The Feds didn't want Wachovia to go bankrupt, why in the world would it want a behemoth like Citi, which is many times larger than Wachovia, to go under.

        And why did the government give equal shares of the rescue-bailout money to C, JPM. WFC and BAC. The most money should have been given to the most needy. All of a sudden the gov't is fair. Were they fair when they gave WAMU, Bear Stearns etc to JPM and not anything to Citi or were they playing favorites? Was the gov't fair when they begged C to rescue Wachovia when Wells dropped out of the original negotiations and then not to stand by the original Citi-WB deal???

        Citi has every right to sue the Wells and they should probably sue the gov't as well....

        The rescue package was needed, but the way it is being handled and doled out is completely nutty....

        Further, it makes no sense to ever have someone who worked for any major investment bank as Treasury Sec'y just in case conflict-of-interest issues arise such as occurred in this economic crisis.

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