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  • bugaboojnb bugaboojnb Nov 23, 2008 8:19 AM Flag

    C, Fed, Treasury, Int'l Banks...BIG

    Something BIG, HUGE, Ginormous, is coming related to C. All these government bodies are working together over the weekend to put the big hammer on C shorters.

    They know the need to set a new tone and scare shorts across all markets. We are talking about something so hurtful and violent to shorts that they will be fearful of it happening again to another equity. In one week, C back to 18-24, GS to 120-150, etc.... If there is any company that is setup to spank shorts, it is with C.

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    • Well said. The warning alarm for shorts was sounded Thursday after market by the SEC. Smart shorts covered Friday. Greedy and just plain stupid shorts stayed in and must cover Monday. Not only will Citi fly, imo, but we may see the mother of all rallies across the board. As I see it, the Citi short raid will prove to be bigger than Napolean's Waterloo. We are about to witness financial folly of historic proportions. I was a huge buyer of C Thursday and Friday and I will buy more Monday if given the opportunity, however C could gap up wildly at the open. I cannot wait for the market week to begin!

    • I guss my FAS @ 12.44 is sitting good

      And a uptick rule would help,it time they change the rules in the middle of the game!

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