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  • h92661 h92661 Mar 2, 2009 3:56 PM Flag

    OBAMA: Nice Guy, Good Father, Son,

    and Husband...but in way over his head as President...and don't go blaming Bush you liberal wanted change? You got it!

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    • The recession was well underway during Bush Administration...Bush knew it and still went ahead with the Iraq war....this is what happens when you choose an alcoholic, lousy businessman (ran daddy's oil to the ground), an idiot (lowest test scores recorded by the national guards), draft dodger, for a president...the big difference is Obama is a self made man, Bush is a man who got where he is by his daddy....daddy can't bail him out this time....Obama has to....Bush knows it and asks the nation to wholeheartily support Obama...

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      • what you fail to understand is that bobama does not run the country, his role is to 'smoothen' things out while the same ppl behind the curtains bring this nation down to it's knees.

        He is just a middle man, a puppet that takes orders.

        wake up!

      • I guess we should abolish the UN then because there were 17 resolutions against Iraq and Hussain. They are a worthless bunch of thugs. Further it took so long to get approval to go in the element of suprise was lost and the WMD's were moved..... Finally, Obama has been given sweetheart deals all along for quid pro quo. The media should be ashamed for the lack of vetting on this guy...

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