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  • heylucieb heylucieb Mar 28, 2009 5:06 PM Flag

    C will NEVER do split

    this was ONLY said so panidt could guash the pre-OE rally in C, and to assist the conversion - it was clearly a bold manipulative move by pandit to derail C price so insiders could buy more - if C ever does reverse split it will be to aide big funds that cannot buy sub-$5 stocks - stop the bull

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    • Some good points to keep in mind Thanks!!

      Either way we just want to see C higher by April 17 - whatever the vehicle

    • lol, what a joke!
      One's going to lose a lots of $, if one can not be objective. Don't let greedy and dream to kill u.

      • 2 Replies to Lofty_1999rabit
      • Running number is not dreaming or being greedy. As a matter of fact, I have calucalted ahead of time scenarios to execute depending on pps.

        You gotta plan ahead. Otherwise, you make decisions based on emotion. Read the 5 parter I wrote.

        The information being sited in this thread is verfiable. The only thing in the air is how much and to what degree:

        1. dillution, R/S
        2. MBS purchases and sells
        3. cost cuting
        4. new deposits

        If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. No worries pal.

        With leverage, you risk little...and by applying varying degrees on 1-4, you gain can be immense.

        I think I may just take 17-APR off, provided I see some good movement in the stock between 02-APR and earnings. Crap...I might take the week off. Hopefully I'll be interviewing accountants and fishing!



      • Not dreaming. C is buying billions and billions of MBS's. A no lose situation for them and will raise company value by over a 150 billion. Just do the math. jmho

    • No R/S.. C will be at or above 10.00 on earnings April 17th, imo. What is going on behind the scenes and not the obvious stuff is what needs to be looked at. C buying huge amounts of MBS's over the last 2 weeks is the main reason. Wall Street is forward looking and if you listen to analysts you will lose. C is stockpiling MBS's for 1st qt. earnings. It could be the best run seen in years in one day. It's kind of like owning a business where you have a customer that wants to buy tons of your product at a price say 2.5x's your cost but the customer is going to give you the amount that the product costs you from the manufactuer up front before you purchase. You then deliver product to customer and they pay you 2.5x's your cost and you pocket the porfit with no leverage or risk. That is what is going on in the MBS market today. If you were C what would you do? This is why C will be huge with earnings announcement. Again, all jmho

    • If they don't dillute..then R/S not needed. They may need to do R/S to start paying dividends of old again, if preferred wants the common stock.

      Think about it...they may not want it. The preferred pays a dividend. Commons don't right now.

      Either way, I think that some of the dillution is already discounted. The reason for the nose dive.

      I want to see sideways trading upto 02-APR. Neither up nor down more than 10-20%. Of course, up on news is very welcomed!



    • What makes you think this? Any data or links ?

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