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  • gollannder gollannder Apr 29, 2009 12:47 PM Flag

    Anyone see those huge Buy blocks?

    not saying it means anything but..
    1,045,000 on the ask at $3.07
    Then two 500,000 right after

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    • That was the MM "replacing" his naked shorts after pushing the price down. Notice how a couple of huge blocks could be bought at the ask price one after another without pushing the price up? It's just manipulation. I am video screen capturing all of it. I have the trade by trade breaking it out how the MM is listing the trade and what exchange window, a stock monitor showing the friction factor and the comparison against BAC & AIG which are also heavily shorted (don't own them but it is interesting to watch how they move up and down at the same time as us - MM's working together), the BATS Level II and the live bids and asks from across the exchanges. Plan on tracking it for the next couple of weeks for the foundation of a white paper depending on how much manipulation plays in. It's one thing to complain, it's a different ball game when you figure out the key questions you need to ask backed by documentation. It's one thing to complain to the SEC again a different ball game when you send out your questions and findings to everyone that has anything to do with the economy or wall street....

    • As long as C stays on the Dow Jones, funds have to buy it.

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