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  • us_army_airborne_sean us_army_airborne_sean Aug 6, 2009 5:42 AM Flag

    C the next MONSTER and I sold. Son of a B&tch

    The same thing happened to me with BofA. I bought in at 12.12 and was in for the long haul, just as I am with C.

    The plan was to make multiples on my money by selling AFTER a full recovery. But I got greedy.

    Based on a downgrade BAC started dropping. I sold for a small profit at 12.44 waiting for it to hit mid-11s. It dipped to the 11.90's twice in a couple days and then BOOM.

    I missed the boat. Fortunately C hadn't made it's run-up so I got in.

    3-4 bucks is still VERY far from the highs. Remember, BAC was trading in this range as well.

    Buy and HOLD. Do NOT sell if it goes down even if you're at a loss. IT IS TEMPORARY. Do NOT settle for a short term profit. Sell when the stock goes up multiples from where it is now.

    If it goes far enough under your buy price, buy more to lower your average share price.

    This is one of the most no-brainer longterm investments I've ever seen.

    PS: Another long posted that he sold yesterday at 3.39. He was going to wait and buy back in. Timing the market is a b!tch.

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    • I bought 60k shares at 3.52 and watched it go all the way down to 2.52

      you can't time the market, you just have to stay in it

      I will still own this in 8 years when it is trading at $40

      forget the bumps in the road, opportunities like this don't come around very often

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