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  • snahhas snahhas Aug 22, 2009 10:28 PM Flag

    Palin Correct on U.S.-Brazilian Investment

    Ignorance is a bliss!
    1) We'll get about a 1/4 of the money in direct profits.
    2) PetroBras will buy American machinery & technolgy with the loan. Hence; creating/maintaining great number of American jobs!
    3) Europe and China (now; more technically capable) lost the contract although that they've offered more money to the Brazilians!
    4) We're garaunteed a percentage of the oil production from those oil fields (some say it rivals all of the oil fields in the Middle East!)
    5) We now are buying foreign oil (we still CAN afford it) and saving our own oil here in the USA and under our OWN soil for future generations.
    6) It is still cheaper to extract the oil from those foreign countries than from our own soil. We hope that; in time (maybe 20 years) the technology would allow less expensive processes to extract our OWN oil.
    The USA is doing the smart thing by saving our oil for our future. As long as we can afford to buy foriegn oil and save our own then we should do it.
    Do let let an ignorant radio talk show spin this into DEMS & REPS. It is to the best of our future to save our oil. We spent some $600 billion on the Iraq war to get our hands on their oil. That makes the price per barrel a lot steeper than what we pay directly at the pump. Butying some of our oil consumption need from Brazil is a lot cheaper way to get cheap oil than war!

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    • We could have created thousands of jobs directly and hundreds of thousands of jobs indirectly and greatly boosted our own economy. Instead we are padding George Soros' pockets with billions of American taxpayer dollars. You are an Obama sycophant!!!

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