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  • plconcrete plconcrete Nov 3, 2009 10:52 PM Flag

    How much C will go down ?

    1. The USG bought its 34% stake at 3.21 a share

    2. Cramer says C is going up big in the next few months as of 10/30

    3. Smarttrend said they seen a downtrend coming on C as of 10/25, they are usually right most of the time, how long will that downtrend continue???

    4. A 10 Billion writetoff on C might be coming, that is not a positve for next earnings

    5. C follows the trends of most of the Financial Sector, doesn't matter what bank you picked this past week, they all went down, not just C, so rather than following C, sometimes its good to follow the sector, which way is the sector going to go, unfortunately it looks like its heading downward.

    6. Hoarding Cash(244B), that's a lot of cash, until they place that cash somewhere it has no real shareholder equity. Until that cash is invested its like putting your money in a savings account when you buy the stock, cash doesn't grow without investing it.

    7. Feds cutting pay does not do much, but what about the house passing the too big to fail bill? What effect will that have on C? C has already been downsizing, trying to sell off assets quickly to avoid some of the USG concern.

    8. Credit card defaults, you know C wants to get rid of its citiholdings division when it broke the company in two. What are they going to do with all those credit card defaults?

    9. Currently I hold about 100 options in C, some maturing in March $4, some in Jan 11 5's, and Jan 11 2.50's, and some inbetween. A $1 difference in share price gives quite a swing to the value on options, unfortunately the long term option prices are...well...too cheap. If people really thought that this stock was going up to $6 or $8, why can I buy a $5, 2011 call for about $.62 cents? Should be about $1.40 atleast. The big players in option trading sure aren't buying the options up right now. Just a concern I have.

    10. Remeber, a reverse split already has board approval until June, this would boose the overall price beacuse it would allow institutional investors to buy in again.

    11. To buy more, to jump ship, I'm going to stay at a hold thru the end of the year right now, I don't think we will see $5, probably get to about 4.50, not to say it won't go lower first though.

    Thoughts on this?

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