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  • talovoy talovoy Dec 10, 2009 6:43 PM Flag

    Right-wing Socialism has bankrupted America

    You right-wingers crack me up. Obama is running deficits to try to repair the damage caused by policies that you morons supported!!!

    Where were you so-called "conservatives" when Republicans increased the size of the governemnt form 18% of GDP to 22%?
    or when they DOUBLED the size of the national debt?

    Where was your "less government" creed when Bush was handed out hundreds of billions of dollars to his cronies in make-work contracts in Iraq?

    Where were you when the Republican-controlled Congress allowed a 1,000% increase in subprime mortgages between 2002-2006 and turned the GSEs into the biggest corporate welfare program in history? or when they pushed through the largest expansion of entitlements in 40 years with their Medicare prescription drug benefit?

    Where were you when Hank Paulson handed over a trillion dollars of socialist subsidies to his Goldman buddies?

    All of these UNBELIEVEBALE socialist policies were funded through DEFICIT SPENDING. And where were you morons?

    Don't tell me; let me guess. You were whining and snivelling about Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan or whatever irrelevant tabloid bullsh*t that that the right-wing media was spoonfeeding you, right?

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    • And by the way, I agree with much of what you say about what Bush did for 8 years.

      I just don't see why dems/libs don't make the connection.. if it was so bad for Bush to do it, why is the exact opposite, and SAVING the country for Obama to do it. Besides.. Bush started the bailout policies, then he and Obama worked together on them, and then Obama carried on Bush's exact same bailout strategy. If Bush was such a failure, why do you support the next President in the exact same efforts?

    • Hey tav, you seem well read on the mortgage / housing stuff in America.. let me ask you a question..

      What do you see as the outcome of Obama's current tax credit of 8k for first time homebuyers with the same bad credit under Bush?

      You can go to a bank, and with as low as a 550 credit score (depending on your % down), you can get an FHA backed loan. With as little as 3.5% down, you can get a loan with 620 credit score. The bank will let you sign over the tax credit as your money down.. you ammend last year's taxes and bam, you're in a house.

      8000 is roughly 3.5% of 230,000.. so someone with a 620 credit score can buy a house up to 230k at the taxpayers expense.

      Do you see this leading to more, or less foreclosures?

      Then factor in rising unemployment for the past year while this special taxpayer sponsored house gifting is going on..

      Then factor in all the option-arm loans that are coming in 2010...

      Then factor in the 9 million homes that are already in some stage of foreclosure. The HAMP program is an abyssmal failure (96.4%).. that statistic was put out by the congressional oversight committee.

    • Oh, wow, another moronic Obama groupie who can't even tell when he's using an oxymoron. Right wingers and socialists are miles apart on the political spectrum. Obviously, you are politically illiterate. That's what you get for dropping out after grade five. The scary thing is, you get to vote without understanding what you are voting for. A prime example of the dumbing down of America.

    • You're cluelss. Bush was a democrat in Republican clothing, however,...

      The housing bubble which is rooted in loan guarantees by FRE, FNM,... for minorities, lower income,... was Barney Frank, ACORN,...'s liberal agenda. Actually it was started in the Clinton Admin.

      Bush had to deal with Cinton's recession and 911. He tried to clean up FRE & FNM in 2003, but the dem's were against it.

      Obama's debt for the liberal's housing bubble will make Bush's for war and medicaid pale by comparison.

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      • I see you get your information from the right-wing propaganda factory. The FRE and FNM stuff started in the seventies under Nixon. It increased at at a steady pace until Bush and his Republican Congress, when government backed loans went from growing at about 10% per year to increasing 150% per year after the Republican socialists got their hands on it.

        One simple question for you: why is that Barney Frank's and Chris Dood's names are on the lips of every single right-winger, even though they were in the minority during the time this explosion of government backed loans took place?
        Why is it that you DON'T EVEN KNOW THE NAMES of the Republican Senator and Congressman who were Charimmen of the banking committees during this time?

        One more question: if the media was actually biased against the Republicans, wouldn't it be the other way around? Wouldn't everyone know the names of the Republicans who were actually in charge while the Sub-prime crisis unfolded and no one would know the names of the Democrats?

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