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  • sammixlawsuit sammixlawsuit May 31, 2010 12:22 AM Flag

    Obamas Oil slick is ruining peoples lives

    Nice job Blumbo........You make Bush look like Einstein

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    • You're an idiot - it's not Obama's oil slick, it's BP's. Oh, and you're one of the pro-business fools who would be screaming if the government had tried previously to regulate the oil-drillers. aren't you?

    • obummer

    • bump bump

    • No big government huh....You people cry Drill baby Drill than when the spill happens and the sh*t hits the fan, now you cry for big government to come clean up your mess! Funny....What hypocrisy!

    • Obummer's Gulf Oil disaster will kill 1/3 of the fish in the sea. Predicted in your Christian holy book in the book of Revelations. Global markets will crash as this scenario plays out. Obummer doesn't care. As long as you and the rest of the obedient white folks continue to kiss his a-s-s- he will keep his riot troops in the armories. But not forever will they stay there. Eventually he will call them out to start loading up the railroad box cars to send you all to "re-education camps". Once there you will take a methane shower. Good luck losers!

    • Pelosi said there was lack of oversight on the Busch Admin...

    • You make Bush look like Eistein, I've come to believe that racist's are just not as smart as the rest of us! period! You try to make all these arguments for hatred, but in the end the truth shines thru! -

      If you are a god fearing man, I would advise you to get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and ask him to give you the ability not to hate! After all he created everything you see and yet you hate his children because the color of their skin is different

    • What a whiner you are. What happen to all you GOP and Teabagging assholes crying before to just 'drill baby drill'? Perhaps you are dumb enough think there is no risk to drilling.

      And what about regulation of these drilling companies? GOP and Teabagging idiots have always oppose real regulation of drilling companies to lessen possible blow ups like this. They are always bitching about just letting businesses do their jobs and getting the government out of the way. That is why MMS, the government agency that is suppose to regulate oil drillers is instead just a stooge to oil drillers rather than being a regulator.

      Now that this disaster happened. Assholes GOP and Teabaggers are sobbing and whining for government intervention instead of sticking to their principles by saying government should get out of the way like they use to.

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      • mashiach May 31, 2010 12:21 PM Flag

        I like your post as I like to be fair here, but, Obama is 1.5 yearsas president which give him more the time to changed the laws...

      • It's not whining. It's shining the light on liberal ineptitude and/or scandal. Neither you nor anyone else know the specifc details of regulations on matters like this, but that's not the point.

        The point is the regulations were in place, the safety mechanisms didn't work and so they've been gushing oil all over the Gulf. When that happens it requires quick corrective action to stop the damage. Not that the government has to do it, but it has to enforce existing regulations or laws and force this foreign oil company to take quick action to stop it at whatever the cost to it's business if it's not. The hole should have been surrounded by tankers to suck up the oil while other were working on ways to plug the hole.

        And it's approaching 2 months and Bonobo has been doing other things, playing golf, going on vactions and rarely saying a word about it until it looks like an opportunity to garner political points, while beaches, livelihoods and the environment are being destroyed.

        Is it because he is beholding for all of the campaign contributions from BP, is he just completely incompetent or is he intentionally staying relatively quiet because this could be falsely used by liberals to sway moronic voters (ala your drill baby drill comment) to vote to shut down drilling and have government force some other form of inefficient energy be used. (Which will be one more thing the liberals are doing to accelerate the coming of the death knell for the US economy.)

        With the socilaizing and vacations all the while, I honestly think it's complete incompetence. He's obviously not working hard.

      • Well, gee, he's been in office a year and a half. As much as he hates oil companies (except for the Gettys), why didn't he regulate the shit out of 'em? It's not as if he doesn't have the clout.

        Oh,yeah, BP contributions, forgot about that.

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