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  • bushwasstupid bushwasstupid Jul 20, 2010 6:47 PM Flag

    Pukes want us taxpayer to pay 4 BP mess

    Same as thety wanted u to pay for the housing mess.
    Same as they want u to pay for the banking mess...
    But they dont want to give one red cent to an unemployed American (after they spent 8 years shipping jobs to China...

    Tell Republican Leaders: No Taxpayer Funded Cleanup

    Whose responsibility is it to clean up the Gulf oil spill? According to some top Republicans, the taxpayers!

    When asked whether government and taxpayers should pitch in to clean up the oil spill, Republican leader John Boehner replied, "Yes."

    It’s just one more example of Republicans letting their corporate friends off the hook. Sign our petition, and send a message to national Republicans: It’s not the taxpayers’ responsibility to clean up messes made by irresponsible corporations. This mess was made by British Petroleum, and British Petroleum – not American taxpayers – should clean it up.

    When will u learn????

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