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  • texas.boy53 texas.boy53 Aug 17, 2010 9:14 PM Flag

    Obama and the Constitution


    After trampling on the constitution to take away or ignore basic American rights of EVERY AMERICAN the fraud and Muslim bum finally invokes the Constitution for...who else??....His Muslim remember don't you? They MURDERED over 3000 of your countrymen and women of all races - attacked the Pentagon and the White House(George Bush was Pres.) and this spoiled Muslim brat approves a memorial for their activities.

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    • why would the american public want a potential target in our neighborhoods. granted it may seem tobe isolated, all this profiling; but the fact is we will be opening ourselves up and the general population to future attacks.

      you mention the mafia, they do not go out of their way to inflict harm on other people. they have single targets to be taken out, one or a few people isolated. mcveagh was an ignorant person making a name for himself, he will always be known for what he did. so for your debate the people of america do not want the temple here in america or new york.

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      • My point is you don't blame a billion people for the actions of a few. The enemy is terrorists not Muslims. As far as Americans not wanting the Mosque the constitution protects ALL religions. If you don't like it change the constitution. As it stands now there no legal way to prevent it. We all have complaints about some of the laws of the country but as long as the laws are in place you abide by them or work to change them. We are a nation of rule of law.

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