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  • tojo472002 tojo472002 Aug 18, 2010 12:06 AM Flag

    Obama and the Constitution

    My point is you don't blame a billion people for the actions of a few. The enemy is terrorists not Muslims. As far as Americans not wanting the Mosque the constitution protects ALL religions. If you don't like it change the constitution. As it stands now there no legal way to prevent it. We all have complaints about some of the laws of the country but as long as the laws are in place you abide by them or work to change them. We are a nation of rule of law.

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    • my point is, why let something of potential danger be erected in the U.S.. that is our constitutions laws, to protect the innocent citizens of this country. churches have no weight in this aruement since this particular religion along with its beliefs of being targeted by individuals should be banned. their is to many special interest groups in this country and one more is one more to many. these groups need to be banned, look at the ignorant ideas coming from these people and the views are rediculous also. america can not be ran like a business and a business can not run america.

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