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  • mruyog mruyog Oct 25, 2010 5:25 PM Flag

    USG update

    Why are you guys so eager for the USG to divest itself?!! Isn't it a thoughtless and a stupid idea, floated by the very bankers who caused the crisis in the first place and who cheated us all through the sub-prime mortgage and CDSs? Look what is going on with BofA after it got the govt off its back! They now tell us that they are in a much deeper/massive trouble with the foreclosure mess than Citi! The Citi Bank simply behaves better with the govt oversight than without it. Without it, those Manhattan crooks (bankers and Wall Streeters) will eat you alive!

    IT'S SIMPLY IDIOTIC TO BE FOOLED BY THE SAME BANKERS AGAIN BY BELIEVING THAT CITI WILL BE BETTER OFF W/O GOVT CONTROL! Believe me, these bankers haven't changed and are even more greedy because they voted themselves heftier bonuses after the govt was off their back; they do not work for you, they work for themselves! Just use your common sense before becoming a mouth piece for the bankers.

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    • You may be right..Greed does run a lot of wall street firms...with regards to Citigroup, it just had to big a menu and could not control its costs...they've condensed and now are on the right foot....and we the taxpayer are the reason they are still a turnaround story...Capitalism was abolsihed when we bailed the banks out, that should not happen. But it DID, and they had to do it, otherwise it would have been a global meltdown even further...I would rather join the wagon on the way up then stay on the sideline...Citigroup is the only bank I TRUST at the moment..good luck!

    • Name something the gov. has run correctly, and not screwed up. Good intent bad exacution.

    • If you bank with BOA, JPM there is impending danger. The only safe big banks is Wells and Citi. BS and Wamu for JPM and Countrywide for BOA. When the true numbers of bad loans hits the fan.. BOA might go way of Lehman.. JPM might get saved.. but BOA is done.

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