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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Oct 26, 2010 9:37 AM Flag


    and you are a mental midget.

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    • And you are a libtard.

      Get lost, fake.

    • Naw, he's actually right, there's gonna' be a house cleaning, a barn-storming, good old fashioned, big old can of political whoop a$$ being opened up next Tuesday, just watch and see. Obama, and his politically equivalent peers were elected on a hope, a prayer, and alot of the unknown. Face it, noone saw some of their political insanity coming. Now that their agenda and perhaps just as and even more disturbing, their hidden agenda has been somewhat exposed, many of them are going to be run out of town (Washington, DC), literally.
      In case you've missed it, they are planning on raising taxes, in a variety of ways. Say what you will, getting rid of past tax reductions, IS a tax increase. Ah, and their entertaining the idea of doing away with the mortgage interest deduction for homeowners, is freakin' unbelievable, but what's more scary is, that it's true!
      And separation of church and state? I know, it has to do with our not having or sanctioning any particular church and their specific beliefs per se. But, our country was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophies and beliefs. Those who started this country wanted the freedom to practice the religion of his or her choice and not have the government which one to practice, as was done in England/Britain, at that time. We do have religious freedoms and the organizations that we freely choose to support are largely free from having to pay homage, literaly, to our government. Many operate as tax exempt, non-profit organizations. That doesn't mean that they don't own property, they have to have some given place to offer worship, community and charitable services. Ah, but Obama and his ideological kind wanna' dip their hands into our religious organizations pockets as well, again, you've gotta' be kidding me? If they do so, it'll cost you and me more down the line. Even religious organizations have to operate according to some type of coporate structure and costs incurred, get passed down the line (you and me).
      No, for the past two years, and especially recently, it appears that it has been "Dems gone wild" in DC. Ya', the Reps are that much better but, they will be easier on your wallet and they'll be more likely to tolerate and respect life from womb to tomb, so, this time around, they have this Independent's support by way of the ballot box.
      Get out and vote, just vote once, that is, assuming that you're a legal citizen and actually have the right to vote.

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