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  • hwardeinhorn hwardeinhorn Feb 5, 2011 9:01 AM Flag

    obama prevents 2nd great depression

    hey any readers ouside the u.s....many of us realize if he is the wrong color for many of my fellow citizens!!

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    • That is what you jerks do when you can't debate the facts, you play the race card. Who do you think elected him dumba$$. There are not enough blacks in this country to elect him. He was elected by white people who are now sick of him because of his dumba$$ policies.

    • Had this thought the other day. The monetary system is global. There is a huge percentage of the money in this world that is basically being hoarded and basically inactive to the economies of the world, useless, except for the ones gaining interest, or whatever.

      The population of the world has expanded considerably and there needs to be an influx of printed money to balance out the economies with the population of the world in order to maintain a standard of living worth living.

      Money supply needs to keep up with an ever expanding market expansion of the world.

      Without the increase in printing more money, more people end up on the poorer side of town. To print less, the money becomes more valuable, but then again is kept by a small percentage of the elite population of the world and does little or no good for the rest of the population.

      Not sure where I am going with this thought, but it is a continuing frustration to me to see richer getting richer and the poorer getting poorer. Basically says the top 10 - 20 % of the wealthy people in the world don't give a dam about their fellow man......Excluding the ones that do do something to lift there fellow man (person) out of poverty.

      The bible says that the poorer will always be with us. But that accepts as the norm the selfish. If I earned it, it is becuase I am so smart, or darn lucky, and it is "all" mine. I believe the poor can always be lifted up. If you have ever done something for someone in great need, the feeling is by far a better one than just being rich.

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      • In regards to the biblical reference, there will always be the poor among us and they "shall inherit" the earth. There is nothing wrong with having money, so long as it is not your God or something you idolize above God. Unfortunately, the government wants to be the watchdog and tell the rich they must help the poor. That is not something to be mandated by government (i.e. - man), but rather the desire for giving should come from a heart that is lea by God. God commands those of us who believe in him to give 10% of our earnings ..... can you imagine what a great world this would be if everyone gave a tenth of their earnings back to the church so that the poor could be blessed. It sure would eliminate a lot of government programs! Can you imagine what kind of a world this would be if we actually cared more about the sucess of our neighbors and friends above our own?!

    • Just in from the KOS!!!!!!.....Obama figures out how to turn lead into GOLD!!!!!!!
      AND, has to answer as to where UFOs are coming from.
      Next up on his plate is BIGFOOT!

    • Obama has adopted Reagan's fiscal policies. Both of them spent like drunken sailors and cut taxes. Spending more and making less is not the right thing to do but very popular. It will be the downfall of democracy because no one will vote for someone who raises taxes or takes away entitlements.

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      • Big difference between the two approaches.

        Reagan's deficit spending which was far less a percentage of GDP than Bonobo's, was spent on high tech, created jobs and generated GDP growth of 70% over his two terms.

        Bonobo's much larger deficit spending has doubled all debt created by all presidencies, was on social welfare, ie state employee salaries, unemployment benefits, union pork and has generated on average 1% annual growth in GDP. At his current rate and track record, if he stays for two terms, he'll triple the debt and generate about 10% growth in GDP over 8 years.

        Even Bush grew GDP by 40%. Bonobo is an affirmative action disaster.

    • a 2nd great depression is exactly what was (and still is) needed...

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