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  • utzpartymix utzpartymix Mar 22, 2011 12:01 AM Flag

    Citi longs are on suicide watch ... RIP ... eom


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    • Are you kidding me? This is what us longs have been waiting for. Whether you are holding options or shares, you are going to reap massive denairo.

      Stock will go to 7.50 after earnings, 75.00 after R/S on May 6. From there, down to 72.00 because of dumb shorties, but immediately rising to 88 - 90.00. If you are holding say 1,000 shares right now, your value will increase from 4,430.00 to 8,800 to 9,000.00 dollars!

      If you are holding, say, 100 call option contracts at 6.00(June or later), you will have 10 contracts worth 30,000.00 by June 01. Each contract is 100 shares, that's 1000 shares times the 30.00 increase. The R/S gives you the same result as a non R/S stock rise from 4.43 to 9.00, which is 3.00 over the strike. Instead of 10k times the 3.00 increase, you'd get 1k x the 30.00 increase.

      So whether you are holding actual shares or options, you will win bigtime. This is good, finally a course of action declared, which the big boys need and will push this stock up before r/s on may 06.


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