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  • snow_snooki snow_snooki Jun 18, 2011 9:27 PM Flag

    Obama inherited $1.3 trillion deficit from Bushy-boy - Politifact link (1.5 now)

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    • You guys are just.... f*-k Obama and F*-K Bush. The country is in ruins, your future is bleak, your savings are gone, you Social Security benefits will most like be $50/month when you retire, and when you retire you'll go to bed every night with a soar a$$ and broken back with no medic-aid to help you and YOU'RE HERE arguing everyday who fault is it Bush or Obama. F*-K both of them.

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      • At least I offered a solution than some posters here who are bent out of shape in kicking Obama out of the WH, Thus; taking the country down to its knees.

        Progressive taxation is what keep this country apart from being a third world nation. It provided equitable re-utilization of wealth which give opportunities for a gifted but disadvantage citizens to nurture all their creativity and productive capacity. Government taxation has provided local industries and its citizens an avenue to utilize their wealth of knowledge to benefit their communities and our nation as a whole I.E. state of the art road constructions, food and drug safety, air traffic safety, marine resources conservation, weather forecasting, student loan and scholarships, water purification, space programs etc... etc...

        With GOP filthy rich piggy bank freakonomics scenario, our nations wealth will be concentrated to only few corporations, financial institutions and wealthy individuals and the rest of the country can go to hell in a handbasket. The rich will need fortified mansions surrounded by private armies and there will be slums all around their urban dwellings. The disabled the orphans and the dirt poor will litter the streets fending for themselve in the dumpters.

        If GOP think that only the lazy and the drugsters will be left out in the cold wait until the the government imposed the heartless Tea party and GOP spending cuts which will exacerbate the unemployment even to the highly educated and skilled work force.

        GOP must be careful of what they wish for. I've seen how the works of somebody with a mind and conscience like right wing nut beloved T_potheads created a third world. Is it just their charade or theatrics in order to take over the WH? For the good of the country I will vote for them if they will sign a pledge that they will stop their nonsense once they take over the WH.

        If you follow the T potheads and Con_servatives agenda it will not be too far ahead when increasing number of our citizens will be no better off than those who fled from Mexico to seek better life. Growing number of our citizens will experience the third world nation's unemployment dilemma not that they are lazy but their chances of being stuck be lightning is much better than pulling themselves by their bootstraps.

    • Snow...Snooki is snorting SNOW with Marion Barry and OBUMA right now. and we the American people are paying for it!!!

    • How old is this blame Bush baloney ?!!

    • Thank you Obama/Pelosi and Reid-First Downgrade EVER!! That is what we get for letting the kids run the candy store!!! Steal and spend as much money as you can while you can!!! Redistribution!!!! is THEFT!!!! Largest theft in history!!! and before the LIBOS start...I know someone is going to blame BUSH!!! Obama can't accept responsibility for ANYTHING!!!
      Demoncrats- When in doubt "BLAME BUSH"
      When in doubt - "Defer responsibility to BUSH" It's been 2 1/2 years the downgrade is yours.

    • Pukes make me sick!

    • "Reagan proved deficits don't matter"- Cheney

    • Igloo boy! has your mommy gotten you out of bed, changed your diaper and given you your bottle yet?

      The libtards controlled both houses of congress Bush's last 2 years in office. Bush is no longer in office. Bonobo's first 2 years in office he had a supper majority in both houses of congress. Bush was no where to be found in the white house of congress, but he must be one powerful mofo to still be running things those two years.

      And then let's remind ourselves that the housing bubble, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae debacle (the conduits in which the bubble was inflated and burst) and the liberal policies of giving subprime loans to minorities and the poor that provided the hot air, are what destroyed the global economy. The Bush admin even tried to preempt the financial collapse with regulations for FRE & FNM between 2003 and 2005, but Barney Frank and the black caucus said there was nothing wrong, that the republicans were just attacking minorities and the poor. And with that political football the liberals took over congress in 2006 and went on to provide us the resulting economic fiasco we have now. And now, Bonobo and the libtards have the gall 2 years after Bush is gone to continue to blame Bush for $1.5 trillion deficits for as far as the eye can see. Simply amazing.

      You can blame the wars on Bush (and the Clintons because they were in full support of them and even goaded Bush in the transfer of power with the Iraqi Liberation Act) all you want, but the wars cost at most $1 trillion over Bush's 2 terms. It was the libtards who set the economy up for failure and who are responsible the remainder of the internal and external debt the US now has.

      Anyone who fails to recognize these facts, is just a history revising libtard.

    • Okay but Obama more than doubled that.


    • its up about 10% now.

      Some Bush redneck here just said "Obama deficit FIVE TIMES" higher.

      What a douche.

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