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  • Chiefs8723 Chiefs8723 Sep 18, 2011 9:05 AM Flag

    If Obama get his tax on millionaires...

    It isn't poor people that are dependent on the government it is old people.(They don't give social security and medicare to young people and those programs are the lion's share of federal government spending.) The income tax has always been progressive. I don't think making it more progressive will hurt anyone.

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    • SS used to be for the elderly, but you might want to google what social security goes for now and while you're at it; medicaid, welfare, food stamps, school breakfast and lunch programs.....and how not to be areallydumbass by getting an education.

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      • $707 billion-social security
        $452 billion- medicare
        That is over a trillion dollar in handouts to the elderly
        $280 billion-medicaid
        $496-safety net programs including tax credits for children, low-incoming housing, school lunch, child-care assistance.
        If you cut out the spending on poor children why not cut spending on poor seniors. The national debt is at least partially their fault. They could have voted for politicians who balanced the budget 50 years ago. But they voted for people for cut taxes and increased spending for half a century. They should share in the burden instead of kicking it down the road to the next generation. Seniors are the biggest burden on the government.

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