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  • blue82corvette blue82corvette Sep 30, 2011 1:37 PM Flag

    C at $26.33

    C at $26.33 (2.63 per split) is a screaming buy. Was not to long ago C was over $50. C is very profitable and will report a profit for 3Q. C is stronger than it was during TARP which was the last time it was this low per share. I will continue to hold my shares....IMO...Blue

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    • The decline across the board has little to do with fundamentals. It's all about politics, mostly in Europe. Anyone investing on the basis of fundamentals is making a mistake. This is a time to be in cash or short or day trading. Wait until the Europeans show some seriousness at solving their problems. The $600 billion they've agreed upon for the bailout fund isn't close to enough. Until they start talking about $2 trillion the world will be held hostage by Greece, Italy and Spain, among others. Read the English version of German, Greek and other European newspapers, not to mention the British press. You'll learn a lot that's barely reported in the U.S. press. It's scary because in the end only Germany and France have the wherewithal to bailout the EU but doing so would destroy their economies. Slovakia, which has not taken a dime and has suffered greatly because of its poor economy says it will refuse to give money to Greece because it doesn't have it and if they did they would spend it on their own economy. They aren't the only ones. This is way different than what happens in the U.S. We're a federation of states with a strong central government. They're a conglomeration of sovereign nations with a common currency and the right to travel freely among member countries. Does anyone believe that's enough to force the few rich countries to bail out the growing number of poor countries?


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