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  • bartleby_the_copyist bartleby_the_copyist Nov 16, 2011 12:59 AM Flag

    When Will the Right Wing Give Obama Some Credit?

    The first response I'll get now is that governements are not responsible for good economies or jobs. A fat lie, especially because those that say that are the first to blame the government if anything goes wrong. Obama owns this economy (good or bad) and we see that his policies are beginning to turn out fantastic. When will the right wing give him some credit for saving us all from eating out of the garbage cans that the Bush era was putting in place for us? Case in point, see how the wise heads of Europe are falling like dominoes.

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    • dareacre Nov 16, 2011 11:11 AM Flag

      O ne B ig A $$ M istake A merica


    • Obama!!!!!? You are kidding, right? Obama is similar to Zapatero in Spain.

    • Give me ONE...I say ONE.. Obama policy that has turned this economy around as you state...

    • You're a moron. Given an almost as dire situation, Reagan had the economy (GDP) growing between 5 and 10%. Unemployment dropping within a year. And all with only spending at worst 23% of GDP with deficits maxed at 6% for one year then falling by 1% per year.

      Bonobo on the other hand;

      The GDP is the same as it was in 2008, even with 3 years of spending 25% of GDP and deficits at 10%. Unemployment has been over 9% for going on 3 years with no signs of improving.

      He has wasted billions on fringe libtard green metaphysical and economically unviable alchemic industries and businesses like Solyndra while delaying proven science based ones like natural gas development and the Keystone XL pipeline that would actually stimulate the economy and provide jobs and a return on the investment.

      Bonobo should be impeached for incompetence and complacency. He is clueless and doesn't know how clueless he is.

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