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  • choomerbama choomerbama Jun 8, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    nothing for shareholders only to the rich

    I own some "perfered" and I'm not in the top one percent. I'm certainly in the top 5% though. Where do I apologize?

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    • kevin_launius Jun 9, 2012 5:13 AM Flag

      well toot your horn.i'm not hurting at this present time either.

      but there are a lot of people who are.

      although i don't consider myself poor,i don't own perfered shares,just the common stock and that leaves me out.

      not to many years ago,people were living off of a dividend portfolio.

      now that they have taken the dividends away where does that leave them?

      you sound like your one of thos 1%ers out for yourself.and the heck with everyone else.

      have a nice day.

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      • You`re wrong, as would be expected, since you don`t know me. I `d like to see everyone prosperous. That will never happen as long as the government makes it possible to be both fat and lazy. Food stamps, payments for breeding children without limit, S-CHIP, (un)earned income tax credits, two years of unemployment benefits, etc., etc., etc., all are disincentives to become educated or to work. I care about the poor but not about the fat lazy pigs who want to live off my taxes.

        It is still possible to live off the income from investments. For instance, buy "perfered" stock. Don`t buy the common of a bank that`s paying 4 cents a year.

        However, things have become much more difficult what with interest rates at virtual zero. An investor can`t get any income from CDs or MMs, therefore must go to risky higher-yield stocks and junk bonds. This is what`s keeping the stock market afloat. Bozama wants to raise the tax rate on dividends, which will make it even more difficult.

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