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  • jbhdallas2000 jbhdallas2000 Sep 29, 2012 10:37 PM Flag

    Obama, Best President Ever!!!

    In five key areas, Barack Obama has shown himself to be an extraordinary leader:

    1. Sending Thirty Thousand Additional Troops to Afghanistan

    Despite strong opposition from his own party, Vice President Biden and his chief of staff, President Obama ordered thirty thousand more troops to be sent to Afghanistan in December 2009, raising the total number of troops there to more than one hundred thousand, an increase of more than sixty thousand since he took office earlier that year. He accelerated the timetable of the deployment, sending the troops there more quickly than initially anticipated. But the president also set a clear timetable for the beginning of troop withdrawals, a commitment he kept by starting to bring them home from Afghanistan in July 2011. In May 2012, he signed a strategic partnership agreement with Afghan president Hamid Karzai, ensuring that all combat troops would be withdrawn by 2014 and establishing a solid foundation to guide our commitment to Afghanistan for the next decade.

    2. Saving GM and Chrysler

    Though most Americans and nearly all Republicans were against the auto bailout, President Obama recognized that letting Detroit go bankrupt, as Mitt Romney had suggested, would destroy the American automotive industry and wreak tremendous havoc on the entire U.S. economy. Over a million jobs would have been lost, and the federal government would have been stuck with paying a $14.5 billion tab for the two companies' pension plans. Today GM is back as the world's number one auto manufacturer and more profitable than ever, and the auto industry has created 230,000 jobs in three years (the most in a decade). All loans have been repaid to the government.

    3. Pushing Health Care Reform

    During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly pledged to sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of his first term as president. In the face of staunch opposition from Republicans, President Obama realized that if he wanted to deliver on his promise, he would have to push through health care reform immediately, while he had Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, or risk losing the opportunity, as had so many presidents before him. Fighting against near unanimous opposition from Republicans, unprecedented lobbying by the insurance industry, and pushback from the more liberal wing of his own party, Obama signed the Affordable Care Act just a little over a year after taking office. In summer 2012, the Supreme Court upheld the law.

    4. Osama bin Laden Raid

    Many of his top advisors, including Vice President Biden, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Cartwright, were against the attack. Bush's secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, had called off a similar raid six years earlier. Success was far from guaranteed, and the costs of failure would have been enormous. But President Obama was convinced that the raid was the only option to ensure that the United States could finally remove the threat posed by Osama bin Laden, and he alone made the call to send in SEAL Team Six.

    5. The Stimulus Plan

    Facing the greatest economic crisis in eighty years, Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act less than a month after being sworn into office. The package of tax cuts, aid to the states and investment in infrastructure cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans saved as many as 3.5 million jobs (according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office), and is credited with preventing another Great Depression. The bill passed the House without a single Republican vote. Since then, the U.S. economy has experienced eleven consecutive quarters of expansion and registered twenty-eight straight months of private-sector job growth, adding 4.4 million new jobs.

    Character. Strength. Determination. Perseverance... These are the qualities of a true leader.

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    • Thank you Lord Jesus for our christian brother President Obama!!! He has made America Great Again....

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    • Let the church say AMEN!!!

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    • In 2008 bonobo said....

      "elect me and I'll end all of the wars and bring the troops home... " Military spending is 15% higher now than when bonobo took office.

      "elect me and I will close GITMO..." It's still open.

      "elect me and if I can't turn the economy around in 3 years it will be a one term proposition...." As you can see below, his tard policies have made what should have been a short term recession, into a much bigger great great recession headed for a depression and he's still trying to run.

      In 2009 bonobo said...
      "pass my stimulus bill and the unemployment rate won't go above 8%...." within a year of passing his "stimulus bill" unemployment went over 10%.

      In 2012 bonobo says....
      "re-elect me, because I need 4 more years to fix the economy....." (even though I'll use the same failed policies that made it worse than it had to be in my 1st term)....

      1. 62% of Americans know we're not heading in the right direction.

      2. Gas prices are double what they were when bonobo took office.

      3. bonobo's average unemployment rate is 9%. The real unemployment rate if you counted all of those who gave up looking would be 12%.

      3. bonobo is spending 25% of GDP when the historical average is 18 to 20%.

      4. bonobo's revenues are 15% of GDP when the historical average is 18 to 20% of GDP.

      5. bonobo's deficits are $1.3 trillion (8 to 10% of GDP,..... yes that is 8 to 10% of GDP or 40% of government spending is borrowed money) when Bush's average was $300 billion (2 to 4% of GDP) and historical average is -1 to +3% of GDP. (********'How could this be?' the tards with a few synapses left may ask.)

      6. And even with all of bonobo's wasted spending of tax payer money....

      bonobo's GDP growth rate is barely over 1% when historically under any other president no matter republican or democrat, with even less deficit spending (in the 2 to 4% range, certainly nowhere near bonobo's wasted 10%) to stimulate the economy, growth coming out of recession is north of 5%.

      Let's repeat that for you slow tard learners- To come out of a recession deficit spending is a normal fiscal tool.

      Historically in the past presidents have run deficits of 2 to 4% of GDP to stimulate the economy. And that's just for a year or two and the economy takes off on it's own. Then spending goes back to normal levels. Historically the growth as a result has been 5 to 10%..... Reagan did it.

      bonobo has been deficit spending close to 10% of GDP for 4 straight years and the economy is only growing at about 1%. And there's no hope for it to recover.

      What's worse even with all of that deficit spending, bonobo's average unemployment rate is 9% over 4 years. That's unprecedented.

      7. Welfare has doubled under bonobo.

      use ANY other president's term where there was a recession upon his arrival for comparison of the metrics,...... and some tard with some sense, please tell us what bonobo has done for the country the last 4 years and why you would want for 4 more years of the same disastrously failed policies.

      Multiply all of the bad stuff above by 2 and you will have what to expect in the next 4 years of bonobo.

      ********From bonobo's own report, no less.
      (Just google "Historical Tables, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2013" pages 21 & 22.)

      Budget Deficits Under Bush

      2001: 128 billion surplus a winning season
      2002: 158 billion deficit
      2003: 377 billion deficit
      2004: 412 billion deficit
      2005: 318 billion deficit
      2006: 248 billion deficit
      2007: 160 billion deficit
      see how the losses are becoming less and less, but oh wait,....
      tards take over both houses of congress
      2008: 458 billion deficit

      Debt $10 trillion

      Now under bonobo and the tards -

      Budget Deficits

      2009: 1.412 trillion deficit
      2010: 1.300 trillion deficit
      2011: 1.300 trillion deficit
      2012: 1.330 trillion deficit

      Debt - ironically crosses the $16 trillion mark while bonobo was giving his convention speech.

      Deficits have grown 400% under bonobo.

      Total Debt has grown 50% under bonobo.

      After bonobo promised in 2008 if he couldn't turn the economy around within 3 years, it would be a 1 term proposition, it ironically took bonobo only those 3 years to add as much debt as it took Bush 8.

      What's bonobo's solution? 4 more years of welfare, vacations and golf.

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      • It is VERY difficult to argue FACTS. The facts that you have stated MANY times can NOT be argued. PERIOD. Yet, the left wishes continually that OBAMA has created and done more for America than what he actually has done...NOTHING.... He has saddled us with a debt structure that is going to bring us all to insolvency .Obamacare is a 1.5 Trillion tax buster....Bin Laden would have been killed by any duffer...The stimulus paln was a total bust...Rewarding all of Obama's cronies in Green Energy...Created Nothing but a 800 Billion tax bill...GM and Chrysler bailout...Total Bull...It was a banckruptcy with major consequences....He screwed the bond holders in favor of the Unions...Thousands of dealerships closed and thousands lost their jobs, and GM still owes us 27 Billion...If it had gone thru normal bankruptcy proceedings most of this would not have happened. The Afghanistan surge was a waste of more lives and treasure...He should have listened this Generals and sent 60k and would have meant something, It was to little to late...Another failure from this empty suit....All of... Dallas2000... just that misinformation, and I have one word for him and OBAMA YOU and OBAMA are nothing but FAILURES.

    • Couldn't agree more. 40 days till he crushes that boob Romney

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