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  • texas.boy53 texas.boy53 Dec 21, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

    Effeminate White Libtard Men..


    will go see libtard movies over the holidays. Matt Damon has an anti - fracking movie out and Billy Crystal turns in another unfunny pathetic performance. were great, now your a libtard hack. The most absurd is some movie about being 40 and married.......saw a trailer with the male on the toilet.......Libtards, your so pathetic it boggles the mind.

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    • America is waging war on testosterone...and winning. Me, I'm just gonna sit back and watch the show, can't fight 300 million idiots. I guess I'm a dinosaur, a dying breed.

      You can fight the fight brother but in the end it's useless.

      Oh and by the way if you ever wonder #$%$ happened, you can trace our unwinding right back to the Nineteenth amendment, the biggest mistake ever made in our nation's history. Second biggest? The big-eared marxist kEnyan...although that one was quite predictably a result if the first.

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      • Women have half the money and all of the poosie. It's tough for real men to win against those odds.

        Maybe that's why so many tards opt to surrender and join the other side, through cross dressing, choosing the gay lifestyle, transsexual conversion, and other tardismist practices.

        We can only hope the laws of nature will eventually swing the pendulum back and give the genital cuff to the tard gene pool genitals and return unlimited fertility to the productive members of society's reproductive members.

    • What's even more pathetic is your elementary school playground name calling. You must be one of the last real "he-men" on the planet! Got yourself a great big gas-suchking pickup to get back and forth to the Wal-Mart? Your spoiled rotten kids are yammering for their spam sandwiches and you're guzzling beer rooting for a college team that wouldn't ever let a dim bulb like yourself any where near their campus? Your wife's bill for cosmetics is so high you can't afford to replace those torn, rotten dungarees you've been wearing for the last 30 years?

      I could go on in this same vein for quite some time, but you're just another clueless bozo who thought the Bush Wars were a great idea and voted for them every time, even AFTER you figured out you had been had!

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