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  • fatal9998 fatal9998 Mar 10, 2013 10:34 AM Flag


    in the year 2025 the stock will be back up to 500/share. the only problem will be that your money will not be worth 500 dollars it will be worth less maybe 250?

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    • Let's examine these relativistic valuations: In 1985, the dollar traded $1 for 220 yen; it dropped as low as $1 for 68 yen and is now back to about 93 yen to the buck. That means your dollar has lost half its value. For C to get back YOUR value, it would have to be DOUBLE the post-split "high" of $600 (round numbers). Even IF they jacked fess on top of fees, I don't see THAT moon shot anywhere in the future. Therefore, you will just have to be content with only losing half your value while your rent gets quadrupled and your parents' inflated mortgage sags and gets taxed into the grave. News @ 10.

    • Adjusted for the 1-for-10 reverse split, Citi was over $600/share several years ago. $500/share wouldn't even match that historic high. I'd be happy to see $50 by the end of this year, but that's not likely without a very substantial dividend increase.

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      • 1 X BV is very low conservative level- 65 on its way. Should be same level as JPM (1.5XBV) so about 100. Will happen shortly.

      • I can't find Citi ever going over $600/share, Could you tell me when that took place I show $583/share.
        So you feel investors would rather see a 40 cent dividend then a $90/share stock. The reason the stock is going to $90 plus is due to the comeback of the country and Citi with the proper management under Mike Corbat. Most of the lawsuits will be settled and Citi will show this is winding down this year. Housing is coming back, overseas jobs are coming home and the Steel Industry is moving back and we have seen them in 20 to 30 years. We will be the cheapest country in energy by 2015 and Citi is involved with all of this. Wet and Dry Bulk shipping is starting to move up fast. By 2025 Citi will be over $1500/share and the US will be booming again. Look at the overall picture and under the surface what is being developed right now. Some of our large cities are growing fast right now. Now Detroit is not because the Auto industry and steel industry has moved and is not coming back there. They need to move to were the new steel mills are coming in along the Mississippi river and the new automotive plants are at, in the south. America is starting to grow and will grow again at a healthier rate this time. I see houses being built all over Florida again and it’s just the start. This time it will be controlled a lot better. The banks will control it better this time. You can expect unemployment to drop below 7 this year. Doom and gloom is over. Now we just need to get the Space program back from Russia.

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