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  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Mar 13, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    For those who think C should be $100 or $400 or $580,.. let's Compare C to JPM

    and while we're at it, let's throw in Exxon, Apple and a few others.....

    Total Revenues
    JPM $92 Billion
    C $59 Billion
    Exxon $428 Billion
    Apple $165 Billion

    Total Earnings
    JPM $20 Billion
    C $7.5 Billion
    Exxon $45 Billion
    Apple $42 Billion

    Earnings Per Share
    JPM $5.20
    C $2.44
    Exxon $10
    Apple $44

    JPM $1.20
    C $0.04
    Exxon $2.28
    Apple $10.60

    Stock Price
    JPM $50
    C $47
    Exxon $89 Billion
    Apple $428 Billion

    Current Market Cap
    JPM $191 Billion
    C $137 Billion
    Exxon $406 Billion
    Apple $402 Billion
    Google $272 Billion
    Wal-Mart $246 Billion
    GE $245 Billion
    IBM $238 Billion
    Microsoft $235 Billion
    Wells Fargo $193 Billion
    Coca-Cola $174 Billion
    Toyota $163 Billion
    Anheuser-Busch $154 Billion
    Intel $107 Billion

    If C were $89, it's market cap would be $267 Billion

    If C were $100, it's market cap would be $300 Billion

    If C were $400, its market cap would be $1,200 Billion

    If C were $580, its market cap would be $ 1,740 Billion

    With half the earnings of JPM (and most of those earnings from loan loss provision releases, not continuing operations) and with the market caps as they are on really good profitable companies,......

    .........C would be fairly priced at about $25.

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    • It's all down hill from here.

      You know C's earnings announcement on April 15th will only accelerate the fall.

    • Annual Revenues
      JPM $92 Billion
      C $59 Billion

      Annual Earnings
      JPM $20 Billion
      C $7.5 Billion

      Earnings Per Share
      JPM $5.20
      C $2.44

      JPM $1.20
      C $0.04

      Stock Price
      JPM $50
      C $47

      Near it's 4 year high, C is positioned to fall over the near term. And fall fast and hard. Like a bagholder on his 5th hour of viagra.

    • D-bag doesn't understand what market cap is. Have you ever heard of buy-backs? Also 250 Billion is possible for C in a few years BUT that won't be necessary since C can buy back 1/3rd of their shares over that time (OR MORE). Apple's market cap is a hilarious joke. Google had an insane market cap with no profits. Facebook was worse (for a day). C has actual assets and a business and more cash than any other bank.

      Again, your analysis is infantile. Face it, you got raped. Why do you keep exposing yourself. Go get a part time job so you can keep your Internet connection.

    • The valuation of any company is in the eyes of the beholder dingle-berry...Not just YOU... but anyone who believes that he or she or any company can make some type of return on thier investment that they would be satified with..FYI..dingle-berry...66% of the share holders of CITI is held by institutions and Funds.. to name a few of the top 10...Vanguard....State Street Corp...Black Rock.....Bank of NY Mellon...and Your beloved J. P Morgan Bank....How many shares do YOU own dingle-berry..3....

    • More Current Market Caps

      Merck 136.92Billion
      Visa 129.54B
      BP 128.19B
      Amazon 124.17B
      PepsiCo 118.94B
      Comcast 107.48B
      Home Depot $105.78B
      McDonald's Corporation 99.15B
      United Technologies 85.37B
      United Parcel Service 80.64B
      Banco Santander 72.08B
      Goldman Sachs Group 71.36B
      ConocoPhillips 71.29B
      MasterCard 65.01B
      U.S. Bancorp 64.57B
      Boeing 63.46B
      UBS 59.75B
      Barclays 58.80B
      Caterpillar 58.68B
      Honeywell International 57.65B
      Ford Motor 51.05B
      Morgan Stanley 44.76B
      General Motors 44.43B
      Lowe's Companies 43.91B
      Target 43.67B
      BlackRock 42.29B
      Hewlett-Packard 41.69B
      Texas Instruments 39.92B
      Dow Chemical 39.86B
      Walgreen Company 38.81B
      Credit Suisse Group 36.47B
      Bank of New York Mellon 33.43B
      FedEx Corporation 33.43B
      General Mills 29.85B
      Lockheed Martin Corporation 29.24B
      Valero Energy Corporation 25.21B
      General Dynamics 24.28B
      Johnson Controls 23.44B
      Archer-Daniels Midland Company 21.44B
      Raytheon Company 18.52B
      Waste Management 17.15B
      Ingersoll-Rand 16.56B
      Weyerhaeuser 16.35B
      SunTrust Banks 15.87B
      Nucor 15.04B
      Tyco International 14.74B

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