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  • consumercon consumercon Jun 17, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    USAA INSURANCE CON = If your house is destroyed, USAA pays nothing up front (full payment option), they low bid you, you must re-build, then they nickel and dime you!!!!!! SWITCH FROM THESE RASCALS!

    Many other "good" companies to deal with!

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    • Sorry dude, can't go with you. USAA member for almost 30 years now. Numerous claims for this and that, thankfully nothing as large as yours. But...guess at your meanings...
      -USAA did not just "Give You" the full value of your house immediately. They don't work that way.
      -USAA did put you up somwhere...I know they do this almost without question.
      -An insurance company requires you to rebuilt the asset that they insured? Go figure. It's what you paid them all that money over the years for...
      -USAA Nickel and Dimes you? Nope, that's not how they operate. They allow you to select withever vendor you chose but yes, they will control costs. Your new house will not become McMansion if you started with a basic middle class home.
      -ditto all the upgrades...unless you can show you had them before the event, USAA is not installing them for you so no to that granite countertop.
      -guessing you didn't purchase the various riders for jewlery and other rather expensive trinkets. We did and we have the photos to enable USAA to do what they do.

      Sorry to hear of your frustrations but maybe your expectations of sudden financial boon were slightly missplaced.

    • When my house was destroyed from a hurricane in Florida I found out that you are correct. They suck.

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