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  • okayrice1 okayrice1 Jul 1, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    How does one diplomatically share their feelings with someone who rejects logic and chooses "faith" instead?


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    • I’ve been walking all my life
      And I can’t find my way to you
      I’ve been praying to the lord I’mma make you see someday, someday
      Well if that don’t come home you know I’ll ride
      To make it on my own
      I’ve been praying to the lord I’mma make you say someday

      [Verse 1: Ace Hood]
      Cold world, killings, this crazy world that we living
      Got minors thugging and dealing, like #$%$ authority figures
      Was raised up outta Broward, and my momma didn’t raise no coward
      Had a job and I worked them hours, my pride would not allow it
      Young men holding all that power, I'm dope like fiends with the powder
      Came up now the #$%$ wanna doubt ‘em
      In the rows, ain’t talkin’ flowers
      Everybody wanna be so sour
      You mad cause the #$%$ ain’t ours
      Handouts only for them cowards
      No college degree at Howard
      I came up from the bottom
      They so scared I’m getting hotter
      We sacking them #$%$in’ dollars
      Just pray for me, will you mama?
      I don' came a long way
      Wanna know me? Just listen to what the song say


      [Verse 2: Ace Hood]
      And I told my team that I got us
      Never chasing a ho but the commas
      Still ball like my #$%$ Udonis
      Do me, never mind your comments
      Go hard ain't given no favors
      Be around cause a #$%$ done made it
      Where the #$%$ was you when I needed?
      I’m sick and tired of your hatin’
      I’m sittin’ cool and I’ patient
      And my fans are steady waitin’
      Why the #$%$ I haven’t blew up?
      Why the #$%$ I’m underrated?
      I’m the realest thing going
      And most of people know it
      To my hood I am a god, an illustrated poet
      I don’t see no competition
      Unless I’m in the mirror
      I’m starving in this #$%$ and I just saved about a million
      All my life I’ve been waiting for this moment
      But still I’m screaming #$%$ ‘em
      You just shown me my opponent, hold up


      [Outro: Dane Cash]
      I’ve been walking all my life
      I’ve been walking all my life
      And I can’t find my way to you
      I’ve been praying to the lord I'mma make you say someday, someday

    • Why do you assume that belief in God is incompatible with "logic"? Perhaps to bolster your own sense of intellectual superiority? Surely you are aware that many intelligent people over the centuries have been believers and have even arrived at that belief precisely by applying logic. And if you don't know that, I'll be glad to list a representative sample.

      I have no problem with those who ponder the mystery and conclude that there is no God. I do have a problem when they assume that those who come to a different conclusion are stupid.

    • Just keep sharing your feelings....and let her learn as you have...

      So let me go. I don't want to be your hero
      I don't want to be a big man
      I just want to fight with everyone else
      Your masquerade
      I don't want to be a part of your parade
      Everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else..

    • Just Smile, and give him the bird. Keep walking.

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