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  • ice_cold_549 ice_cold_549 Aug 28, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    Surrender monkey candidate becomes war president

    The news media and their lap dogs in the Dums party have completely lost control of whatever fragile grasp on reality they ever had. Seems Bush was not the cause of all evil so replacing Bush with a teleprompter reading sockpuppet as president has only made things worse on every level. Even printing trillions of dollars right out of thin air doesn't seem to be fixing the economy the news media told us would.

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    • Yes, it's made it worse on every level!!! When will these liberals learn that all of the trillions of dollars spent n Iraq and the tens of thousands of soldiers who were killed or maimed were all Obama's fault! When will they learn???

    • IT HAPPENS to be #$%$ BUSH who DID all this mess... then the #$%$ Republicans let the democrats clean it all up. BUSH wrote the trillion dollar checks to the banks... THIS piece of s*** included. BUSH started the two wars that cost TRILLIONS of dollars... just to vindicate his daddy BUSH and prove he wasn't a loser for not taking out Saddam. Clinton left us as president PROSPEROUS, DEBT FREE, DEFICIT FREE, EMPLOYED, AND AT PEACE. What other Republican #$%$ piece of trash president can you say that about? From Lincoln, on. Warmongers, Nazis, haters, hypocrites. The only good republican is a ____ republican. What am I thinking?

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