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  • johnkur8 johnkur8 Sep 12, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    fireupandtoke, still whining about constitutional checks and balances.

    Our girly-mon toker would much rather have a leftist dictatorship (you know, "so things could get done"), but those stupid forefathers wrote in all this stuff about three co-equal branches of government, including a House of Representatives actually elected by the people of their districts. This hampers Der Feuhrer; he can't just implement stuff that the majority of the people don't want. Like the train wreck that is Bobocare.

    Toker would love to see Der Bobo abolish the Congress.

    Of course, when a Republican is president, toker loved the congress. Toker is a huge fat hypocrite swine.

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    • When this great country is being held hostage by a few wastes in Congress, I get very mad. We will go into default this time over the budget and extension of the debt limit. That will cause higher interest rates on the debt, it may even bankrupt this country. The waste in Congress will be removed and replaced

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