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  • barack_h_shabazz barack_h_shabazz Sep 27, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    For a lot of laughs, go to online chat with govt's Obamacare help desk.


    True example taken from screen shot:

    Q: Will I be able to keep my current policy?

    A: Maybe.

    (What happened to "if you like your current plan you can keep it"?)

    And get this admission from one of the few honest people in this administration:

    "Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this bill just like everyone else." That from one of the help desk workers.

    Keep in mind that there are long waits before you even get connected to a chat-person, who typically is unable to answer your question.

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    • As the 2572 page unworkable monstrosity, aka Obamacare, nears implementation some of those that tried to shove it down our throats the hardest, are now scurrying around like rats leaving a sinking ship. In particular, the unions are claiming that it is "highly disruptive" and that it will have a "devastating impact" on them.The ILWU threatened to leave the AFL-CIO due to the Federation's support of the ACA, which in turned forced the Federation pass a resolution demanding that either Congress or Obama "fix the law to stop it from hurting union members." The SEIU is striking in Chicago due to a janitorial company's decision to cut jobs in an effort to avoid the impact of the ACA.Apparently, these idiots started banging the drum in support of Obamacare without realizing that their "Cadillac" healthcare plans would now be taxed to help shoulder the financial burden of the plan.The unions seem to hold the position that Obamacare is great for non-union members, but horrible for union members.That notion is shared by our government leaders who keep telling us how wonderful it is for us, but they have exempted themselves from this legislation that probably none of them have read in its entirety. How about no one gets an exemption,or scrap the bill and start over..If the plan is good enough for the peons, then it is good enough for the aristocracy and their boot-licking union minions..

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