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  • rightwingersarevictims rightwingersarevictims Sep 27, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    Obamacare issue will fade away, just like right-wingers' War on Terror.

    Remember a few years ago? Right-wingers were all over every internet message board in a state of hysteria, warning that if Democrats ever got in charge, the War on Terror would be lost. In fact, right-wingers’ entire concept of politics could be boiled down to one simple idea: that the War or Terror was an “existential threat” to the very existence of the Unites States, and if Democrats ever got in charge, the September 11 attacks would look like child play.

    Every right-winger on every message board was screeching this at the top of their lungs. If this belief had any remote connection to reality, given the fact that we’ve had a Democratic President for 5 years, shouldn’t the #1 issue for every single right-winger be the wave of Muslim terrorism washing over our country? Shouldn’t the absolute pre-eminent issue of the day be the dirty bomb detonated in Los Angelas or thousands of US casualties from the small pox attacks?

    But it’s not. In fact, it’s as if that debate never even took place at all. Right-wingers never even mention the War on Terror at all. Why? Because it was never a realistic issue. It was just something that right-wingers liked to get worked up about. It disappeared as soon as it stopped generating ratings for FOX News.

    The same thing will happen with Obamacare. Four years from now, the health care system will be fine, the economy will have completely ignored the effects of Obamacare, and right-wingers, like small children bored with a new toy, will find some new thing to shriek wildly inaccurate nonsense about.

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