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  • johnkur8 johnkur8 Oct 9, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    Obozo approval drops to record low 37%.

    The moe-ron king is not winning.

    Yes, approval of congress is at a record low too, but what you tards don't grasp is that on election day, you don't vote for "congress". You vote for a representative from your district. That's why the House is controlled by Republicans. And they are doing what they were elected to do: Stop Bobocare and stop increasing the national debt.

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    • Relax comrades... I'm certain that this poll was conducted by Anti-State infidels at numerous gulags, and is thus not indicative of the overall devotion and love for our Glorious Dear Leader. I am pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Truth will shortly issue results of a new poll that most certainly will show the love and devotion that runs rampant amongst the proletariat, as well as the peasants, for our omnipotent Dear Leader.

    • When the approval rate for the president and for congress gets this low, this tell you that they are not doing what the people of the country want.
      I believe one of the big reasons BO was elected was for his stand against big gov't before he was elected pres. His philosophy is about 100% different now than then. Now he and congress are h-ll bent on destroying the country. MO

    • if citigroup would get to $60 I would have so much money, I could vote republican. It would be nice to vote with my pocket book. I could vacation where John and Stock do. drive a beamer and not worry. I have done very well, but I am not a high roller yet, and thus, I don't even qualify to be a republican.... so GO citigroup. Get up to $60 so I can join the precious few.

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      • I'm more of a capitalist than a republican. Republicans are slightly closer to that than dems.

        But if a life of leisure is what you desire, if you vote Democrat, everyday could be free of the responsibilities of earning a living if you're happy living a life of poverty in the welfare state.

        Btw, all of these Hollywood & inside the beltway tards who urinated and moaned about Bush's paltry deficits somehow have become convinced bonobo's deficits 4 times Bush's don't matter. That a country as rich ad the US can afford it. All while they hire tax attorneys to avoid paying the taxes to pay for the welfare they support. The US going bankrupt ain't affording it.

        I could be wrong, but I don't recall hearing Bill Gates taking time off from trying to cure malaria in Africa to donate a few of his $40 billion to build healthcare clinics and hospitals for the poor in the US.

      • Hate to spoil your simplistic little theory, but polls show that more wealthy people voted for Obama than for Romney. You think the Hollywood crowd and trial lawyers ( both groups 90% Democrat) are not rich?

        By the way, Democrats DO "vote their pocketbooks". Union members have been doing it for a hundred years. And the leeches, parasites and drones of society vote to keep their freebie benefits - not just keep them but increase them. A recent study revealed that if you sign up for all the government programs in existence, you can make $60,000 a year without working a day.

    • Not to mention that when the MSM says approval number for " congress" is low, "congress" includes the senate as well as the house.

      Those tards in the senate are really hosing the numbers up for congress.

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