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  • fireundersmoke fireundersmoke Oct 15, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    Word Is Out From Washington, The U.S. Gets Downgraded Today After Market Close

    The same thing happened in 2011 and caused by the same terrorists in Congress. There are no laws in this country that protect terrorists. The President should charge the tea party terrorists with Treason and let the fun begin.

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    • I got something that you can fawkingdowngrade right here, pal! GFY

    • Just moments ago, speaking from the White House, Glorious Dear Leader said that he "welcomed the impending downgrade" and that, as such, "it's not really a downgrade. It is a moral upgrade, he exclaimed. It is a moral victory because it is an act of redistributing the U.S.'s unfairly gained superior AAA rating to less fortunate and more deserving countries." He called the loss of one 'A' a "shared sacrifice" and "global economic justice." Further, Comrade Obama said that our loss was some other country's gain, and that we must have less, so that those less fortunate can have more."By dropping the 'A' from our rating, we are in effect, sharing it with a needier nation, such as North Korea which will allow them to borrow more money from our Chinese and Russian allies to buy more food for our fellow, less fortunate and starving comrades," said Our Glorious Nobel Prize Winning Dear Leader and Omnipotent Party Chairman.

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