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  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Dec 21, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Anybody here think that Jesus, God and Santa Claus weren't/aren't white?

    I mean Leonardo da Vinci showed what Jesus looks like in The Last Supper.And if the bible was written by god and if the pictures of God in the bible show God being white, and if the bible says god made man in his own image to "rule over all of the animals of the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth" and Jesus is white, then no doubt god is white.

    And Santa has only been portrayed as being white since he was invented in Europe.Coca Cola has had him white since they started using him in their advertising. How many mall Santas have you seen that were anything but a pink cheeked white haired Santa with a snow white beard?

    We don't need to politically correct these icons into being anything other than white any more than we need to portray the slavery trade created by Africans in Africa as something that was created by Norwegian women in the northern tip of Norway. Or that Malcom X was a white christian man who rather than spew hatred for America, love for sharia law, the destruction of the family unit and a life time of welfare for blacks, focused on good family values, education, hard work, and a free market where they could keep as much of the money as they earned as they wanted.

    Not even a bonobo supporting tard could be stupid enough to believe that God, Jesus and Santa are black, right?

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