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  • dogcrap007 dogcrap007 Mar 8, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    Stockevil and General I just got done with a talk with Jesus

    Apprently you are both losers in his book

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    • Odd, whenever I talk to Jesus, he tells me to quit making stupid decisions and let him do his job on the landscaping. I've found that Jesus is almost always correct, that why I hired him to do my rentals, though he passed most of that job off to his son in law now. 15 years of a business and later friendship relationship still going strong.

      If you need a good landscaper in the Miami Valley (Ohio) maybe I can hook you up!

      And on the other guy, even Indiana Jones understood that "The Penitant Man is Humble Before the Lord." Probably a good idea for all and most situations.

    • Stockevil I hope understand. Jesus is the one that is upset with you for bad mouthing him. I didn't say nothing bad about you.

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      • No problem Jesus hasn't been seen by a single soul in the last 2000 years inspite of Hitler and tons of scoundrels before and after him creating all kinds of murder and mayhem. I doubt he's suddenly gonna show up on my account.
        That largely has to do with the fact that Jesus was nothing more than a mortal David koresh without the guns. The Romans were his Janet Reno.

        Btw, keep an eye on Joel Olsten. Don't be surprised if one day he goes all Jim Jones after it's discovered he's been flocking his flock. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • Tell jesus I said if there was an omnipotent god and he was the son of him, he wouldn't act, be as ignorant about the universe or let the Romans crucify him like every other bum of society back then,... at the very least.

      I'm sure if there was a god and he was the son of him, he'd have a cool wardrobe, one of those wheeless skate boards like they had in Back to the Future or a flying car like on the Jetsons and rather than let the Romans have their way with the christians, feed them to lions and so forth, he could have just nodded his head like on I Dream of Jeanie, zapped the Romans into oblivion and provided a liveable minimum wage to all supporters like the current false messiah. That would make true believers out of anyone.

      On second thought, just tell jesus I said to shut the feck up. He's a waste of time.

    • No Dogcrap, you didn't speak to Jesus...You spoke to the devil disguised as Jesus you idiot, then of course you wouldn't know as you sold your soul to him years ago.

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      • You believe in a devil dressed as jesus???

        You religious wackos believe in some weird sheet. A devil dressed as jesus, a bible with no knowledge of the physical universe, no wonder you people scare the hades out of people in the center and we get these far left nutcases elected to office to feck up the country.

        This reminds me...

        I mistakenly went to a religious play one night at an amphitheater located within miles of fossilized dinosaur tracks I was exploring one time because the headline claimed it would reconcile the existence of dinosaurs and their not being mentioned in the bible.

        There was no reconciliation or even a mention of dinosaurs in the play, so it was deceptive from the start as all religions are, but the funniest thing was every time the character playing the devil (yes what religious play "explaining the evolution of dinosaurs" is complete without a devil) came on stage, the whole crowd hissed and booed at it.

        I couldn't believe it. I was surrounded by a bunch of child minded science snubbing mental patients. Scary sheet. Like being surrounded by zombies if they also weren't fiction.

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