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  • ggeco ggeco May 6, 1998 9:51 AM Flag

    Woah....mama !!!

    Achtung !! Wow, I am still waiting for trade
    confirmation from Ameritrade so I can add to my

    Freeing up some cash to buy more because this thing is
    going to rocket today.

    here we go.....GO M E R C
    E D E S

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    • By: rkitech
      Date: May 30 1998
      11:34PM EDT

      Man are you wrong. The car that clocked the most
      mileage with nothing but oil and filter changes...in
      history...: is a Mercedes. Do your homework before you talk
      the talk.

      As I recall, that was an early 60's

      I'll not judge present day products by that... Nor
      will I tell you about the guy in my town that had a
      Ford pickup with over a million miles, nor the guys
      who come into the shop with over half a million miles
      of towing RV's...In 89 Dodges...

      The fact is,
      I work on a number of fuel systems, and Mercedes
      has NO great engineering triumphs in modern days at
      all. Thier engines wear out just as fast as anyone
      else's. As does the rest of the car. It just costs 2 or 3
      times as much to rebuild them.

    • Man are you wrong. The car that clocked the most
      mileage with nothing but oil and filter changes...in
      history...: is a Mercedes. Do your homework before you talk
      the talk.

      As to all this crap about C not
      being able to sustain or break the 60 mark.... BUNK.
      This company is bought by new investors daily who are
      part of the 'flight to quality' you keep hearing about
      on the news. People want blue chip perdictability in
      a very large multi-national company. I think we
      have that with C, dont you?

      Do you think that
      fund managers and institutions are going to stop
      buying a company like this that now has its feet on both
      parts of the world? Are you kidding? What about all
      those people who want a stock that is much like a
      mini-fund in the fact that it is diverse and strong? This
      stock is and will be like GE and sell if you want
      because a lot of people want stronger holdings as a part
      of a portfolio.

    • By: Wills_alias
      Date: May 7 1998

      Several friends who are mechanics,
      annual "normal" maintenance
      on the euro's are
      the quality of Japan and U.S.

      appeal....has its cost :-)

      Maybe Chrysler...can now
      start using
      Benz transmissions :-)


      What the hell????????
      Chrysler produces the some of
      the best trannies out there now...
      GM actually
      created a joint venture with Chrysler, when they got in
      absolute desparate straits to have a transmission that
      actually worked.

      Dodge Trucks with the Cummins
      originally were built with Getrag transmissions. Bad idea.
      Chrysler now uses thier own, which is much better and
      longer lasting behind an even more powerful Cummins than

      I'm sorry, but this supposed superiority
      of German parts is mostly myth... But, I suppose
      it's something one would tend to perpetuate, since you
      just got ripped off paying 3X what it was worth...

    • 0045 GMT - Mitsubishi Motors Corp (MMC) (7211.T)
      up 18 at 401. A business daily reported on Thursday
      the firm
      will start supplying Chrysler Corp (C -
      news) with its fuel-efficient gasoline direct injection
      (GDI) engines by 2001.

      Just passing it along...

    • now what I am wondering is how does this impact on the Jeep Daker plans...

    • Yes, from what I understand, the '98 Talon was
      the last one, and C is no longer using the 4-cyl.
      Turbo engine from the DSM plant. I own a '97 Talon, and
      have been told that '98 is the last year for the Talon
      (http://www.edmunds.com) backs this up. I also remember reading an article
      that Mitsubishi wasn't going to make that engine
      anymore anyway. Now I wonder if that means Mistubishi is
      going to back away from the "sportscar" market like
      other Japanese companies have already.
      Makes me
      wonder if the relationship CAN get any smaller ;-)

    • Mitsu went up another %8 this morning
      In the news they said Daimler wants to buy/merge
      NISSAN Trucks
      and/or Mitsubishi Motors.
      If you
      like risk buy Nissan and/or Mitsu calls.
      The source
      (20 min delay) for Daimler(also aftre trade)

    • Should we buy C calls tomorrow or what? Watching
      markets 24 hrs is a pain in the ass.

      P.S. In the
      future (maybe even now) trader hobbyists will need
      instinet or else get screwed in after hours trading on a
      regular basis.

    • I am from this day on looking at Daimler/Chrysler
      as a CORE holding in my portfolio. I hope to retain
      a postion in the stock for a long time now, and
      have always wanted a Blue chip holding long term. I
      feel like I am getting 2 for the price of 1 right now,
      AND the price is CHEAP !

      IMO this stock is
      worth 62-65 in the near future, and perhaps higher. As
      the latest news stories state: C was an undervalued
      bargin alone, and now with this UNPRECIDENTED merger it
      is ready to go big time quick!!! Some of the quick
      buck people are going to move out around 59-63 which I
      feel will only be a buying op for the others. This
      company is GOING to close this deal as quick as possible
      so as to not take the hit of a price run up due to
      the world buying in just before. I have my solid
      position and feel very good about the direction it is
      heading: NORTH!!

      Good luck to all as I think Monday
      will be great across the board for the

      Regards GG

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