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  • DowDanny DowDanny May 6, 1998 6:35 PM Flag

    Woah....mama !!!

    I've only dealt with Dodge, but those dealerships
    have all been quite good... decent salespeople at one
    end, and good service departments at the other. But,
    just from price standpoint, you'll never see MB /
    Dodge/Plymouth dealership. Perhaps combining with Chrysler in
    some spots might fit in with C's 'strategy' to move
    the Chyrsler nameplate more "upmarket".

    I recently decided NOT to buy the new Intrepid (a
    lovely car) based on several horror stories from recent
    owners. A few years of "MB"-quality assurance at Dodge
    and I think those stories (will ?) should

    BTW - I lived in Germany for more than 3 years, where
    Fords (pronounced "ForT" auf deutsche) and Opels (GM)
    were fairly common, but never saw any C except the
    occasional imported minivan. In lots of places, minivans are
    just too large for convenient driving in European
    cities, but anytime you ever saw a minivan it was a very
    popular attraction.

    If you read C's annual report
    they say they specficially designed the new 300 (?) to
    match "European tastes" ... e.g. it is "only" 5m long
    (compared to slightly larger LHS model) so that it can be
    exported. It is more likely a link-up between MB and C
    would see more C's brought to Europe as 'entry level
    cars' for MB, then the other way around (MB's sold in
    US via C dealers).

    IF anything would popular
    in Europe, it'll be some of the 'sportier' models of
    cars. Durangos, Rams, etc.. .are great in US, but -
    let's face it - other than specialty markets, they're
    just TOO BIG to drive and park comfortably around
    European cities.

    Personally, good business model or
    not, I'd much rather own Chrysler than a Benz-Chrysler
    combo. Market cap of Baimler is twice C's, but for
    earnings only 2/3 of C's. Let's ask, who's getting the
    best of this deal... who's paying with inflated
    currency (stock price) and who's being bought/merged at a
    discount ?

    last but least, somebody said the HQ
    would move "aus deutshland", that means "out of
    Germany"... do you really think that Daimler Benz would allow
    that ? One of the co-owners of Airbus headquartered in
    Detroit ? Not too likely. the "North American
    HeadQuarters" maybe, perhaps even the "international
    automobile" HQ, but the Chairman is gonna stay in Europe. IF
    the deal happens.

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