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  • fastpace90 fastpace90 Apr 23, 2014 4:54 PM Flag

    Beware of basher "ihaveavoice75

    A long-term basher obsessed with trashing OOIL - apparently lost some $ quite awhile ago and can't move on...

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    • I agree with stockgirl....I have been with OOil for a long time and would hope that at some point they would want to reward me for hanging in there. Instead every news story that comes out sounds good but the stock price continues it's downward trend. I stayed in through the reverse split and even bought more as they said they had a strategy to keep the price in the $5 could have done better than that. The only reason that I haven't 'lost' money is that I have not sold yet, but I think I am dreaming to think that I will ever break even on this 'investment'. I spoke to a stock relations person at OOIL and I know for a fact he was #$%$ in the toilet while talking to me. Beware of these optimistic pumpers, they just want to rip you off like they did me.

    • Why don't you warn us about the pumper/insiders? If you look at the chart, you will clearly see that anybody who has ever invested any money in this company has lost money - and thus has reason to be unhappy. If you look at the latest Financials, you might note that there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO REVENUE for the latest reporting period. How many years has this been a public company? How much have the principals stolen from bagholdres during this period? Beware? Yes!!! But the poster you call out is not the problem here.

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