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  • alpha10011 alpha10011 Sep 2, 2002 1:22 AM Flag

    Who would be

    the most likely company to be buying JAH if this is the case? Does anyone have any ideas on who this might be? I would like to do some study on that company to try to understand chance of them buying JAH.

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    • sounds to me that these shorts think they can just short a company and it is supposed to crash i dont know about you but there are real investors here and they invest in a co. because they believe in it,i have a few words for those shorts SHORTS= LIARS AND LEACHES S=L&L THAT IS THE CODE SEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAA p.s. i know you are one of the real investors.

    • i suppose you had info on enron if not why even post that garbage on this board and if you did take that crap back to where it belongs and futhermore you are more and more sounding like that wellknown short btyyi,nobody here needs you shorts trying to scare the real INVESTORS, people who invest not hope for someone else to lose their hard earned money. SEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAA

    • When the Chairman and CEO of JAH, as well as the leader in the 11 month old take-over, cashes out on $8.5 million in stock, I don't think he is worrying about shorting small fry investors. As for being uninformed, do you remember the name Enron?? Reality is no one but high level insider's have enough info to know what is going on inside. Those chasing short term glamour stories on untested management are as likely to get bad surprises as well as good. Good luck on the horse you picked, but please have the courtesy to respect other opinions and PLEASE get rid of the adolescent CAPITAL LETTERS per normal email civility.

    • if you shorted you will be making a big mistake by not covering dont say i didnt tell you so.SEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAA

    • may be at 25.30... or back to 24.30...

      definitely not 30 bucks...

    • the usual suspect always the Market they are getting ready to pump & dump (as daily trading volume is starting to shrink...)

      Did anyone notice JAH's intra-day price movement is relatively hugh on small trading volume..that 's fishy alright....

      One main question for any potential buyerlike BLL) ... will JAH help their earning?? I doubted....

      • 1 Reply to pyiu28
      • So much for "experts". You need to do your research. JAH changed their name from Alltrista after a takeover of the board earlier this year. Alltrista was a spin-off of Ball Corporation in the early 90's when they wanted to dump a number of money losing businesses. Ball is not competing with JAH (Alltrista)in the home canning business. JAH owns the Ball tradename as well as the Kerr homecanning brand. The least likely buyer of JAH would be Ball who dumped them in order to focus on other business strategies.

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