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  • lizardking81568 lizardking81568 May 9, 2001 1:56 PM Flag

    Up For The Job!

    I left at the right time and found a good home, not to mention a higher position and much higher salary! I did speak up when stupid decisions were made by Super Tex and others. Unfortunately I was not taken seriously. I would be happy to discuss what I saw with an Alltrista Honcho. If they are monitoring this message board as you say, all they have to do is post a message and I will call them. Unlike some people who post messages here, I enjoyed working for TPI and I would love to see them get it turned around.

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    • Disco is Dead! Some people just didn't get the memo. Probably owns the Boogie Nights or Saturday Night Fever soundtrack too!

    • Very well said!!!!

    • and all this time we thought disco was dead.

    • That is pants, not pans

    • Do you mean polyester tight pans, and "I" is the only word in his discussion topics. Next thing your gonna tell me is he has a perm every two or three months!!! I couldn't resist this either.

    • lovetobegone, you forgot to mention one of these people drives a big red truck, dresses in the 70's best attire, and attends public bath houses!
      I couldn't resist.

    • I couldn't agree with you more.

    • True enough. But there is enough blame for Alltrista for their failure to do anything about it in a timely manner. There was plenty of red flags that went up as far back as when the purchase first unfolded that any other company would have sent a team in to investigate. Then you tell them that the reason behind the purchase was because they were industry leaders, then fail to take in consideration what these people are telling you about the business, places the blame back on their shoulders. Refusing to sell at 30 and then settling for 18 sounds like a sound business practice? I'm not buying it. The employees at Triangle were re-energized after the announcement of the sale and after a year, morale was lower than anytime before the sale when it became obvious that nothing was going to be done. Their track record with other acquisitions shows that this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. You buy a company, you own a company, you DO NOT use it as a scapegoat in public press releases to justify falling profits and falling stock prices. You do not buy an industry leader who informs you that the beloved bathtubs (which destroyed another company) cannot be built for what you want to sell them for, then demand that they be built and sold for those prices. You do not allow a company to spend management time evaluating software packages to help run the business when it was obvious that they were never going to be allowed to make the purchase. You do not demand that the company buy equipment that was of doubtful usage, then dump the cost of the equipment on to the operating unit to make the corporate headquarters expenses look better. You do not move equipment that was well past it's prime to a company while you're other entities are spending money like drunken sailors, buying the latest and greatest new shiny toys. You do not have people from the operating units come in for a meeting and them parade them past the corporate lawyer's office so they can see him and a couple of other V.P.'s putting golf balls, when they're are out there everyday, busting butt, trying to earn them a positive E.V.A.. I only hope that now maybe some of those in the ivory tower will only begin to understand what they have put the good employees of Triangle through.

    • Well said!

    • Hmmmm, me too. Except I did take my concerns to Alltrista which caused me to "leave for other opportunities". Think these other companies know something that they don't?

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